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Current Downtown Projects

Vancouver Downtown Current Projects Listings

Building Name   Address   Floors   Completion
  Website   Developer   Floorplan
Capitol Residences   819 Seymour   43   2009   www.capitolresidences.com   Capitol Res Partnership    
Crossroads   522 W.8th   8   2009   www.crossroadsvancouver.com   www.pci-group.com    
Dolce   565 Smithe       2009   www.thesweetlife.ca   www.solterradev.com    
Vita   565 Smithe   31   2009   www.thesweetlife.ca   www.solterradev.com   Vita floorplan
Cooper's Lookout   33 Smithe       2008   www.cooperslookout.ca   www.concordpacific.com    
Cooper's Point   980 Cooperage Way       2008   www.cooperspointe.com   www.concordpacific.com    
Donovan Living   1055 Richards       2008   www.donovanlife.com   www.cressey.com    
Erickson   1500 Homer Mews       2008   www.concordpacific.com/erickson   www.concordpacific.com    
Espana   600 Abbott St       2008   www.espanaliving.com   Henderson Development    
Flat Iron   1277 Melville       2008   www.flatironliving.com   Cathedral Development    
Harbour Green II   1139 W. Cordova       2008   www.harbourgreenplace.com   Aspac Development Inc.    
Homer & Helmcken   1133 Homer       2008   www.hhyaletown.com   www.chandlerdev.com    
Jameson House   838 W.Hasting       2008   www.jamesonfoster.com   Jameson House    
Mariner   918 Cooperage Way       2008   www.concordpacific.com/mariner   www.concordpacific.com    
Raffles   811 Cambie       2008   www.rafflesonrobson.com   Aurmon Development  
Ritz   1211 Melville       2008   www.liveattheritz.com   www.pinnaclepride.com    
Shangri-La   1128 W. Georgia       2008   www.livingshangri-la.com   www.petersonbc.com    
TV Towers I   200 Robson       2008   www.tvtowers.ca   www.concordpacific.com   TV tower i floorplan
TV Towers II   200 Robson       2008   www.tvtowers.ca   www.concordpacific.com   TV tower ii floorplan
Woodwards W-32   108 W. Cordova   32   2008   www.woodwardsdistrict.com   www.petersonbc.com   Woodwards 32 floorplan
Woodwards W-43   108 W. Cordova   43   2008   www.woodwardsdistrict.com   www.petersonbc.com   Woodwards 43 floorplan
33   33 W.Pender   8   2007   www.33living.ca   Georgia Laine    
Bowman Lofts   522 Beatty       2007   www.bowmanlofts.com   Salient Group    
Cielo   1205 W. Hastings       2007   www.deltalanddev.com   www.deltalanddev.com    
Creekside   125 Milross       2007   www.creeksidefalsecreek.com   www.bosadev.com    
East   55 E. Pender       2007   www.chinatowneast.com   Jameson Development    
Elan   1255 Seymour       2007   www.cressey.com   www.cressey.com    
Firenze I   58 Keefer       2007   www.firenzeliving.com   Henderson Development    
Firenze II   688 Abbott       2007   www.firenzeliving.com   Henderson Development    
Firenze III   688 Abbott       2007   www.firenzeliving.com   Henderson Development    
Grace Tower   1280 Richards       2007   www.graceresidences.com   www.jamesschouw.com    
Icon   638 Beach   25   2007   www.iconliving.ca   www.concordpacific.com   Icon living floorplan
L'Hermitage   788 Richards       2007   www.lhvancouver.com   Millenium Robson   L'hermitage floorplan
Melville   Melville   44   2007   www.amacon.com   www.amacon.com    
Mode   538 Smithe       2007   www.livingmode.ca   Park Place Development    
Pomaria   1455 Howe   30   2007   www.pomaria.com   www.qualexhomes.com   Pomaria floorplan
Rise   400 W. 7th       2007   www.therisevancouver.com   www.grosvenor.com    
Silver Sea   628 Kinghorne Mews       2007   www.concordpacific.com   www.concordpacific.com    
Spectrum I   111 W. Georgia       2007   www.myspectrum.ca   www.concordpacific.com   Spectrum i floorplan
Spectrum II   668 Citadel Parade       2007   www.myspectrum.ca   www.concordpacific.com   Spectrum ii floorplan
Spectrum III   602 Citadel       2007   www.myspectrum.ca   www.concordpacific.com   Spectrum iii floorplan
Spectrum IV   131 Regiment Square       2007   www.myspectrum.ca   www.concordpacific.com   Spectrum iv floorplan