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Blog by Ian Watt

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Ian Watt’s Marketing Dream Team puts TH14 Together

Well it took 3 days of blood sweat and tears, not to mention weeks of planning and coordination but TH 14 - 1233 West Cordova Street is now ready to be shown, appreciated and sold.  

After my clients decided to place their fabulous 5 level townhouse (including private garage and private roof top deck) on the market, it took a team of 5 groups with their own squads to pull it off - and that’s just the preparation.
The owners had taken minimalism to an all new level with a table, chairs, a desk, sofa, TV and a couple of beds. Needless to say it was very empty and hardly ever lived in. And for a massive space I knew that we would need to call Jackson West of Reveal Estate Staging Company www.revealestate.ca  (in my opinion - the best stager in the business) to revamp this colossal condo on Coal Harbours waterfront. After spending a few weeks planning, Jackson almost lived in the place 12 hours a day to make sure that this home was ready for the crucial first impression of our most discerning purchasers. Meanwhile Michael from Measure Masters www.measuremasters.ca stopped by for his 2 hour appointment to inspect the premises, measure every nook, cranny, wall, patio and step to make the marketing floor plan used for our websites www.ianwatt.ca and www.vancouver-penthouse.com.  

Next Darryl Crawford of www.myhometours.ca brought his equipment and expertise to shoot the 360 degree tours of the 400 sf roof top patio, the master bedroom, living room and the seawall. As the sun was setting on this amazing Friday night, local sculptor Kay Zigmont http://www.wbt.ca/artworksv3/artistinfo.php?artistid=129&catid=5 , whose works are collected by likes of Kyle Washington of the Washington Group, brought a couple of her extremely beautiful sculptures (and extremely heavy too - thank god that this townhouse has its own private elevator) for that added touch of perfection. 

Lastly, the super artistic with the best eye for angles, lighting and hues, Stacy Thomas from Video Open House www.vopenhouse.ca came down to take some photos of our waterfront listing. All Darryl and Stacy’s images can be view on both the www.ianwatt.ca and www.vancouver-penthouse.com websites which are power Steve Jagger’s ubertor combustion inc. http://www.ubertor.com/ .     

As the sun was setting and the last seaplane had landed right before our eyes, we realized that were just about ready wrap it up and let the marketing begin.

The great guys from the Real Estate Book Rob and Andrew Powder http://www.realestatebook.com/ took one look at the photos and realized that this exclusive waterfront residence was worthy of the cover of their August issue of the Real Estate Book. You may also find this home’s marketing in Century 21’s international magazine Fine Homes and Estates as well as Unique Homes found in the first class seatbacks and lounges at American Airlines.  

That’s how my dream team pulls things together for 5 seconds of a first impression. It’s a lot of work but if history repeats itself, everything these guys touch always turns to Sold. That’s why I wouldn’t wish to work with anyone else.

For more information about Townhouse 14 at 1233 West Cordova Street (the Carina) please contact Ian Watt at ianwatt@ianwatt.ca or 604-999-9426.